Dear Daughter, Tomorrow it’s Back to School

(Reposted from September 2016… originally posted on a new blog I started and then later abandoned, because hey… I like blogging here.)

Dear Daughter,

Tomorrow you go to school for the first time as a fourth grader, and as my daughter. You’re terrified, and I feel for you. You have a new last name that you don’t really want, written on all of your things, so you can learn to spell it. And you’re shy… and while I tried so hard to connect you with as many peers as I could; you made a few (5) friends over the summer, but none of them are in your class. Your new friends have promised to look for you at recesses and lunch time, but I know you’re still scared.

You struggle with your self esteem. You don’t like anyone to know that you’re behind in school, and according to “your file”, you’ve lashed out at your past aid’s in frustration. I can’t imagine how you must feel. I don’t know how much to share with your new teacher and aid. I want to give them as much information as possible so they can help you be successful, but part of me worries that they will write you off without a chance.

You should know that you are SO smart. You have this crazy knack for remembering anything and everything you hear about animals and all of the world’s amazing wonders. You ask so many inquisitive questions and that’s one of my favourite things about you… your curiosity. And I don’t know why you’re so nervous about making friends; you seem to make friends everywhere we go. You’re more outgoing than I think you realize, and I hope that this quality begins to shine through as you become more secure in your new family.

I hope that I can help build your confidence in your capabilities and in yourself. You are amazing.



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